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We spoke with Angelica, who completed the Intro to Web Design course and certification as well as the Remote Working Professional course and certification. Angelica talks about how taking the courses and earning her certifications has positioned her to prepare for the next stages of her career. What did you like about the courses? I loved that each of the courses tied in real-life examples and expertise from industry workers. It made my career transition

On March 10, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1319, the American Rescue Plan Act, which President Biden is expected to sign into law this week. The bill includes $123 billion in funding for elementary and secondary schools across the country. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools are seeking curriculum options that allow their students to learn from anywhere—even at home at the kitchen table—and this funding will be used by school districts

I am what you would call a "Transitioner." I worked in various fields including the hotel industry, sales and most recently, manufacturing.  I was already taking a course to receive a full industry-recognized certification in web design when I saw the opportunity to take a course and get a certification as a Remote Working Professional.  I had to read it twice. Remote Working Professional? Then it hit me—over the last couple of years, so

Simply spectacular. Kudos for firing the 3 raptors on the way back down. SN10 stuck its landing with a little bounce, otherwise absolutely perfect. Then to surprise us all, a few minutes later, just as you were coming down from the high of seeing history made, SN10 does a RUD to remind us all how hard all of this is to do. I am in awe. Congrats to the whole SpaceX team. I

The CTeLearning and WebProfessionals Organization are proud to announce the release of the Career Transformation Series, a one-of-a-kind certification course aimed at helping those working remotely around the globe. The Career Transformation Series features text and video courses covering all aspects of remote work to help learners prepare to excel in the new remote work world that has rapidly grown in the age of COVID-19.  Each course within the series combines a media-rich self-paced