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Learn more about the curriculum here. Over the past year, we have had conversations with our teachers and students to learn about how the Web and Mobile Game Design curriculum has engaged and inspired students who are exploring possible career paths. Web and mobile game design is a focus of CTeLearning since it is a growing STEM field with high-paying job opportunities all around the U.S. and the world, and our middle school and

We are all members of the Web Professionals Organization and are part of their team to support Ukraine. What follows is the blog post announcing how the Web Professionals Organization is committed to gifting Ukrainian schools with curriculum, certifications, and training to help the people of Ukraine rebuild. This gift is open-ended to Ukraine and is not on our timetable but theirs. English and Ukrainian versions are provided below.  We know it is early

Do you remember the first time you were in a competition? You may have won, or you may have lost. Either way, you learned something about yourself and the value of preparation. Nobody gives you the win. You earn it.  CTeLearning is proud to announce its participation in a new virtual competition model in partnership with the Web Professionals Organization.  Our engaging STEM curriculum helps set the foundation for the new competition model. In

It is funny how a day can go and how it can tie into project-based learning. I had just sent off the last graphic for a research paper that is being done on one of our culturally responsive projects. The paper was not my idea (the project was), but the paper is being written by a group of academics much smarter than me with a large university. Anyway, I had just sent off

How are teachers and administrators dealing with their high-stress jobs? Like many other professions, educators love caffeine. Let's take a look at where they rank in terms of the most caffeinated professions. Need Less stress? Ask us today about how our curricula can help. Click here to Contact Us for more information or a demo Ask us about our free bag of coffee with every curriculum (Dark or Medium Roast?).