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CTeLearning and the Web Professionals Organization (WebProfessionalsGlobal.org) would like to congratulate students of Haven High School in Haven, KS who recently completed the New Certified Remote Working Professional (RWP), Web Design for Business/Marketing, and Web and Mobile Application courses with stackable industry-recognized certifications.  "Jessica has always taken initiative to not only better her program here at Haven, but to truly give students the chance to succeed and showcase their talents.  We are beyond proud

With the rise of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are realizing that freelancing for clients remotely is a good way to work from home, increase income and work on meaningful projects. A freelancer is someone who works for a variety of clients and is not a full-time employee with a company. More and more companies are choosing to hire freelancers over full-time employees as it saves money on costs such

The internet! Completely useless without a single piece of software. Well, maybe not completely useless, but it wouldn’t be the service we enjoy every day. Accessible, easy to use, and easy to find content. Much of this is down to a single type of software, the web browser. It does what it says, allowing you to search and browse the internet. Taking what would be a bunch of ugly HTML files written in confusing

Thank you, thank you, thank you, NASA, for choosing SpaceX. Getting back to the Moon is no easy task for SpaceX. There is quite a bit left to engineer to get us back to the Moon. However, they are the team to bet on. I have no doubt there will be some stumbles, but with Musk and Shotwell and everyone from the janitors to the lead engineers, SpaceX will make it happen, and I

What is new for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year?  Well, quite a bit.  Thanks again this year to all of our clients for trusting in us, giving us the feedback we need to create new features they need, and kindly pointing out when a bug slipped out from under the boot of testing.  We have been working non-stop, except when we get distracted by squirrel videos. A quick video overview.   Here are some new features to our suite