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An Easy Way to Teach Coding, Web Design And STEM In Your Homeschool

It’s true what they say that every child starts out as a scientist. Every rock you find them chewing on, glass of water they knock over or time spent sorting Skittles by color is really a mini science experiment where they learn physics, biology, addition and subtraction.

Bringing your child’s natural inclinations together with a thoughtful lesson as a parent and home school provider is fun and almost effortless at first. However, as they get older staying on track with STEM & coding subjects can become more difficult. Online STEM courses are the perfect addition to any homeschool curriculum.

The Homeschool & STEM Relationship

It seems lately that most schools are reformatting their curriculum to focus almost entirely on STEM programs. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Trends in the current job marketing veering toward more open and high-paying jobs in STEM industries. Hence, parents and teachers alike are working hard to prepare students for success once they reach adulthood.

teach coding at homeSTEM subjects often prove the most difficult to teach through homeschooling. Between changing processes and the emergence of completely new technologies, it can be hard to keep your home-schooled child with or ahead of the curve set by their public schooled peers.

We know how hard parents choosing to teach their children at home are working to learn and teach each subject to their kids on their own. Because of this, each parent does the work of anywhere from one to eight different teachers every day. It’s good to have a little help when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math. That’s why our STEM online programs are perfect for homeschools.

Project Based Online Learning for Your Homeschool

CTE Learning provides online coding courses used across the country that can be easily implemented in your homeschool STEM curriculum. Used in public and private school systems, enrolling your child in one or more online courses can help them to keep pace with subjects being taught in a classroom.

The easy-to-teach classes provide range to include coursework for a younger middle school-aged audience to more advanced coding classes that would put even any high school ahead of the curve before applying to colleges.

As a homeschooling parent, you shouldn’t expect yourself to know all the subjects that your child needs to be learning. As they grow older and the material they learn becomes more advanced, our curriculum keeps you up to date.

The world of technology has veritably exploded in even just the past five years. We provide an amazing learning opportunity for your child or children. In addition, you may learn alongside them and improve your own STEM understanding.

homeschool coding curriculumStay Ahead of The Ever-Changing STEM Learning Curve

Our STEM curriculum continuously changes to reflect the latest trends in the job market. Currently, through homeschooling, your child can learn a variety of web development and coding including Introduction to Web and Mobile Application Design with JS, HTML5 Standards Course and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robotics.

One of our online STEM courses can make a huge difference in rounding out a homeschool education. As a result, your child will be on the fast track to a high paying job in one of the few industries that is rapidly growing instead of shrinking.

Give your child an upper hand when it comes to learning important STEM skills. Enroll them in a CTE online course.

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