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STEM Video – Valders High School Launches Coding and 3D Video Game Course Wisconsin

Valders Wisconsin is creating a new generation of game developers and coders. Jeff Riesterer at Valders High School has implemented our Coding and 3D Video Game Design Course.

Mr. Riesterer will be facilitating his students through this media rich career simulation to learn the basics of coding and 3D game design.

As his students code their games, they will be engaging in real-world STEM skills all within a fun project-based learning approach. His Students will build a career ready portfolio that is proof of his students growth and understanding of programming, design and the problem-solving process.

The 3D games his students create in class are theirs to develop and even to expand and market. The problem-solving and coding his students are learning are true 21st century skills that will help the students wherever their career interest takes them.

This course requires no previous experience in coding or design. Therefore, our Coding and 3D Video Game Design course is perfect for a learner who thinks they may have what it takes to build the next blockbuster video game.

It is also ideal for the student who just wants to test drive this high demand STEM career. As part of this course, Mr. Riesterer’s students may also compete in an international 3D Video Game Design competition. We are very excited to have Mr. Riesterer and the students of Valders High School as part of our STEM career team.