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What’s New 2015? (A little Preview)

What’s New 2015?

We always get asked “What is new?” CTeLearning is proud to announce a couple new updates, new releases and pending new bits for Spring 2015. All our courses go through updates every year.

But in some years the updates are bigger than usual. It is this time of the year that we also want to thank our educators for all their feedback.

Our development is shaped by the experiences of our users. I can go back to any course we have and point out elements that we created, changed or implemented due to the thoughts and wishes of a particular educator.

We listen, and we grow from taking that time to understand what our teachers are telling us.


First, our New Biotechnology Virtual Internship has been beta testing at undisclosed schools. All sounds very cloak and dagger like doesn’t it?

One of our test schools has already recorded a testimonial on the course. So, expect to see a video up soon on our facebook and in this blog.

ETA on the release will be late this spring, so unless you are part of the pilot team, you should not expect to get your hands on the course before then.

Personal Finance

Thanks to our work with Burlington HS and a few other schools this past fall, you will see the New Personal Finance and Wealth Management course online this spring.

This new release incorporates 20 plus additional interactive activities to drive home the concepts the students traditionally have the hardest time understanding.

Coding and 3D Video Game Design

As always our client schools play an important role in helping us to grow and adapt our courses. Even our most successful courses go through regular updates and so it goes with our Coding and 3D Video Game Design.

This year’s update sees VGD (what we call it internally) getting some new interactive elements to help drill into some of the math that naturally happens in coding. Expanded activities on adding levels to the games as well as the course is being migrated into our new delivery engine.

All fun stuff.

New Courses

We also have some new courses that will get their own blog post and announcements.

They are fun, innovative and new to the STEM and STEAM career ed market. I promise not to wait too long to tell you after we get a thumbs up from our beta schools.

It is going to be an incredibly exciting year for us. Thanks for being with us on our journey. Have fun – Steve